i'm drinking secret margaritas with amber at work.

my bosses are all on vacation.

i love no bosses.

meet the kronz's

i have a big weekend ahead. wisconsin bound to meet the in-laws, and i pee myself a little each time i think about it.

the last in-laws i met were my high school girlfriend's. all i had to worry about was coming to the door to pick her up, be polite, charming and assert my heterosexuality- while trying to convince them their daughter isn't insane for dating a homo. that's a lot of pressure to put on a 17 year old.

what's more pressure, is being a 22 year old homo meeting the in-laws. not only do i have to be polite and charming while asserting a level of heterosexuality (so they don't think their son is dating a raging queen) but i have to overcome any baggage they carry from having a gay son. i know they're fine with it, but coming from my own midwestern family - it's complicated. not only do i have to be confronted with my own insecurities of my sexuality i have to be confronted with the insecurities of people i don't know and need to impress.

i don't do awkward well.

i'll be drunk.

i will however (with the grace of god) go to the largest water park in the country; dare i say the world. i'll get a carton of cigarettes and cheap drinks at bars. i'm also going to hook up with my boyfriend in his childhood bedroom.

please - be jealous.

4 in-laws - (1 dad + 1 mom) + 1 fake rachel = magic



i've been living an evolution, both of character and of my online life. my character evolution is less interesting and mostly to be saved for my super secret journal that only godfrey and i have access to. godfrey is my cat... everyone needs to know this as he is the singular most important person in my life and i'm getting a tattoo to commemorate him, even though he's still alive.

to describe my online evolution, let us begin at the beginning. i cannot remember the site name, but my blog mostly consisted of inside jokes and stupid 16 year old insights. it was started out of jealousy towards an elite group of kids at my school. they paid money for a special website where special people blogged. mine didn't compare.

the next phase of my evolution was to infiltrate their blog. i succeeded, oh did i succeed. i mostly just piggie-backed on my bff who started dating the site host. the other bloggers were none-too-happy about the recent additions, but i proved myself a worthy blogger and an awesome person, so the complaints didn't last long. that blog mostly consisted of talking about cats, spit and parties.

i finally feel like a butterfly, or a bonobo. probably a bonobo. i have a grown up blog as a mostly grown up person. maybe i'll cultivate my interests and blog about something that will take me to international fame.

the future is open, i am the possibilities.

i'm back. fuck me like i'm dead.