while i understand my interest in justin bieber and silly bandz liken me to a tween gurl, i cant help it. what started off as an ironic interest into tween culture has developed into a full blown addiction.

i. love. justin. bieber. i have the fever. its not a joke anymore or something funny to put on the idock. i love his music so hard that im going to see him in concert in november. and ill most likely be crying along with the 11 year old im sure to be seated next to.

we will cry and hug each other in a non-creepy way. well probably even trade some silly bandz. of which, im also obsessed and probably no longer in a funny way.

i have contemplated every conceivable way i can obtain as many silly bandz as possible of each different type. i refuse to acknowledge fake silly bandz and am on the hunt for the illusive sea, beach and western packs. COME ON CHICAGO GET WITH IT!

im devolving really quickly. pretty soon ill start beaching on a hannah montana towel and wear those butterfly barrette clips in my hair.



i went somewhere in middle america this weekend for a friends wedding and lucked out by being there for my besties bday and my nephews bday party.

i was also a lucky duck bc the chick getting married went to columbia with me, so all my chi-town besties got to see o-town first hand.

it was fun showing them how we do in the heartland.

what i did realize, despite the wedding being the best ive ever been to and getting to see all my family at pump it up - i never want to have that real life. shits scary!

forcing awkward conversation with adults while children run in every direction - NAGL

being with the same person for the rest of my life - NAGL

even though, im secretly jealous of ppl in love and want that more than anything - NAGL x 1000



along with the rest of chicago, i saw she & him last night. it felt nice to be outside with my friends enjoying the only three months chicago is actually fun. those three months are so much fun that it makes the other nine bearable.

after wine, cheese and trees, those cutsie little verses with the charming melodies started hitting me hard. ive been grappling with my state of affairs lately and that stupid little duo brought me back to a place; a specific week i was the happiest in my life. last night it just made me sad.

i know its juvenile to form opinions based on txt messages, but i do. everyone does it. as a droid - if i dont get what i want in 140-160 characters, ill find it in a she & him song.



my life has turned into droiding through the week and living for the weekends.. the american dream i guess, broke and trying to find some semblance of a normal relationship.

and again, some great pics to show for it...


god bless america

this might have been the best weekend of my life. filled with bbqs, beaches, beers and much needed rest. my relationship with chica blossomed through burning, aloe and glee. i didnt fall off a roof this weekend, which is more than i can say for last year.

unfortunately, i had too much fun yesterday to take many pictures as i lost a hoola-hoop competition to an 8 year old, danced with an 80 year old and conga lined through ravenswood club - the rest of the weekend can best be described through a few select images.