if sleeping on a couch between leases with all my possessions in storage and sending my baby to his vacation home werent enough, my life continues to fall apart.

eliminating unnecessary dramatics from this story, lets just make a list:

  • my identity was stolen, subsequently:
  • my chicago card was deactivated
  • i have to deal with CHASE BANK (hell on earth)
  • i funded someones drinking binge at joes liquor in cicero, il
  • i funded fuel ups at gas stations around the chicagoland area
  • my phone bill is due with no way to pay online
  • i cant purchase the next big app/music sensation on itunes
  • i have to use cash for EVERYTHING
  • im supposed to move with weekend, uhaul... do you accept personal checks?
  • my new card is arriving at my new address... hopefully USPS realizes i live there

i should take this as a hint to just fall off the fucking grid.

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B-Sides said...

If Big City is behind this I'm suing that bar. Wasn't there just an alumni event (friend event) there? That's where my identity got stolen.