i got what i wanted. i wanted to feel real again for the first time since i dated her.

we got what we wanted. we wanted to switch places and learn as much as we could.

ill take his advice and push my hair back a little more. ill go out with my friends and tell them, 'you were right'. ill stop pretending and find the beauty in vulnerability. ill stop looking.

ill begin to work on myself for the first time since i dated her.

ill begin to be the person he knew i could be.

hopefully ill stop being such a fucking emo creep.


Stacey said...

I may or may not have read every post on your blog to pass the time at work today... Thank you and you're welcome.

Lets be friends. For real this time.

SM said...

Sounds good to me.
did the next post thing and got stuck on that first line.

:)there is a new song my daughter likes a lot....
I must be Emo. Have a listen, you might just laugh.