things are happening so fast i feel suffocated by change. i prefer to be in control and drive the direction, so this feeling of being swooped along doesnt sit well.

the perspective i have on things is similar to a cars side view mirror. things of less importance are larger than they appear and all those significant moments are lost in my blind spot.

let me get this straight - im supposed to drone through my days, weeks, months and be rewarded by other peoples "monumental" events, 24 shared pictures on facebook and a business card?

im sick of trying to fill out this sheet of paper i need to look good on. its really fucking hard and i thought we were supposed to move towards becoming a paperless society.



here we go again....

layoffs. i was affected.

in reality, this is the best thing that could have happened. i hated that place. like, a lot.

i've been taking baby steps to a better person for a while now, this was just the kick in the pants i needed to go full throttle.

this economy isnt getting me down motha fucka i gotz shit lined UP!

in the mean time - who wants to hang out? i have a lot of free time and i dont do well with that. if youre interested in making bad decisions and laughing at consequences - call me!