"I want someone who will be monogamous, and nice to their mother. I want someone who likes musicals but knows to just shut his mouth when I'm watching Lost Gossip Girl. And I want someone who thinks being really into cars shoes is really lame, and thinks strip clubs gay bars are gross. I want someone who will actually empty the diswasher, and instead of just taking out forks as needed. Like I do. I want someone with clean hands and feet and beefy forearms like a damn Disney Prince. And I want him to genuinely like me. Even when I'm old. And that's what I want."

- Liz Lemon


WHS 04

i hung out with an old friend last night. i really needed that.
weve known each other since elementary school and as it stands, shes my oldest friend.

weve always lived in the same city, but dont get to see each other that often. i needed to feel like i was home again.

i understand why ppl say college and high school are some of the best years of your life - not the crazy great times you cant remember bc you were too drunk and/or awkward, but being naive. if i could go back to knowing nothing and feeling like i knew everything - book my ticket.

even though i know more now but feel like i know nothing, it was nice to go back for one night.


im in l

he rests his head on my chest, nuzzling in. i run my fingers through his hair as we stare into each others eyes. he kisses my nose and i snuggle in. we lay there, softly vibrating together.

this is what love is supposed to feel like. this is what love is supposed to be. just me and my cat.


fuck it

so, things havent been the best lately and i have such a hard time getting the energy to make anything different happen.

ok - sure i can get caught up in how awful my life is while realizing that only i can make it better and getting down on myself not knowing how and realizing that i just have to do it and feeling burdened by the actuality of doing something and the stupid cycle goes on and on and on.

tonight though, i decided. whenever i start to feel shitty about my situation, im going to let someone in my life know how happy/proud/inspired i am by them. sort of a pay-it-forward kind of thing.

i believe this will selfishly make me feel like a good person while selflessly making someone else feel special. maybe it will turn into motivation....

lets see how this goes... and look out for some messages friends.